Shriekfest 2019

Best Commercial
Blood Bath
Directed by Colin Costello
Best Music Video
Withorwithout by the band Parcels
Directed by Benjamin Howdeshell
Best Performance in a Short Film
Baker Chase Powell
in “We Die Alone”
Best Female Performance in a Feature Film
Jamie Tisdale
in “Portal”
Best Male Performance in a Feature Film
Chase Williamson
in “Greenlight”
Best Short Screenplay
Written by Mark Renshaw
Best Super Short Film
Directed by Zachary Dehm
Best Thriller Short Film
We Die Alone
Directed by Marc Cartwright
Best Horror Short Film
Directed by Alex Montilla
Best Sci-Fi Feature Screenplay
Dark Noise
Written by Christopher Allan Poe & Jen Badasci
Best Thriller Feature Screenplay
Written by Nick Rufca
Best Horror Feature Screenplay
The Blood-Red Night of Hatchet Valley
Written by Edward Martin III
Best Sci-Fi Feature Film
Directed by Tony Dean Smith
Best Thriller Feature Film
Directed by Graham Denman
Best Horror Feature Film
Making Monsters
Directed by Justin Harding and Rob Brunner