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Shriekfest Call for Entries

Celebrating our 18th year in Los Angeles
and our 2nd year in Orlando

  • Early Deadline is February 1st
  • Regular Deadline is May 1st
  • Late Deadline is July 1
  • Extra Late Deadline is July 10

Shriekfest LA was a HUGE success!

Thank you to all the filmmakers, screenwriters, sponsors, press, and fans! Click this link to view the winners!

View the 2016 Shriekfest Winners here!

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Mar 1 Haylar Garcia & Jim Brennan,
2013 WINNER Best Horror Feature Film "AN AMERICAN TERROR". & 2017 WINNER Best Horror Feature Film "GNAW" renamed "APARTMENT 212"
Mar 8 Adrienne Lovette,
2017 Official Selection "HIDDEN DAYLIGHT"
Mar 29 Tim Earnheart,
2017 Official Selection "CONDUIT"

Edited by Alex Drummond and Score by JoJo Draven

2017 Denise Gossett was voted Most Influential Horror Film Festival Director

2016 Denise Gossett voted Most Influential Woman in Genre

2013 Movie Maker Magazine voted one of the Coolest Film Festivals in the WORLD and in the Top 5 Coolest Horror/SciFi Film Festivals in the WORLD!

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