Shriekfest 2016

Best Horror Feature Film
Capture Kill Release
Directed by Nick McAnulty & Brian Allan Stewart
Best Sci-Fi Feature Film
Directed by Russ Emanuel
Best Thriller Feature Film
Dead Awake
Directed by Phillip Guzman
Best Horror Short Film
The Cleansing Hour
Directed by Damien LeVeck
Best Sci-Fi Short Film
Directed by Daniel M Smith
Best Super Short Horror Film
The Maiden
Directed by Michael Chaves
Best Horror Feature Screenplay
Wolves at the Door
Written by Pardeep Aujla
Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi Feature Screenplay
The Conspiracy Smith
Written by Chad Allan Jones
Best Thriller Feature Screenplay
The Bride in the Box
Written by Doug Bost
Best Short Screenplay
The Wishing Tunnel
Written by Travis Gentry
Best Sci-Fi Demo Reel
Alan Chan
Best Horror Demo Reel
Cornelius Broderick
Best 2016 Shriekfest Commercial
Jennifer Taylor Lawrence & Jon James Smith