Shriekfest 2015

Best Horror Feature Film
Directed by Zachary Beckler
Best Sci-Fi Feature Film
The Answer
Directed by Iqbal Ahmed
Best Thriller Feature Film
Landmine Goes Click
Directed by Levan Bakhia
Best Horror Comedy Feature Film
Directed by Michael Steves
Best Horror Short Film
The Peripheral
Directed by J.T Seaton
Best Sci-Fi Short Film
The Stowaway
Directed by Rpin Suwannath
Best Super Short Horror Film
The Smiling Man
Directed by A.J Briones
Best Horror/Thriller Feature Screenplay
Jakob’s Wife
written by Mark Steensland
Best Fantasy/Sci-Fi Feature Screenplay
Knights of the Valiant Heart
written by Edward Santiago
Best Short Screenplay
The Junkie’s Flaw
written by Jeffrey Stackhouse & Richard A. Becker
Best Commercial
Nick Lines
Best Demo Reel
Alessandro Pulisci
Directing Reel