Shriekfest 2014

Best Horror Feature Film
Berkshire County
Writen by Chris Gamble, Directed by Audrey Cummings
Best Sci-Fi Feature Film
Time Lapse
Written by Bradley King & BP Cooper, Directed by Bradley King
Best Thriller Feature Film
Nightmare Code
Written by M.J. Rotondi & Mark Netter, Directed by Mark Netter
Best Super Short Film
Written & Directed by Kheireddine El-Helou
Best Horror Short Film
Let Me See Your Eyes
Written by Jack Nathan Harding, Directed by Derek Cole
Best Sci-Fi Short Film
The Developer
Written by Horvath Aron, Directed by Robert Odegnal
Best Horror Feature Screenplay
Ghost of Vengeance
Written by Billan Lee
Best Sci-Fi Feature Screenplay
The Big Beyond
Written by Tom Batha
Best Short Screenplay
Hannah’s Birthday
Written by Juliet Bergh
Best Original Song
Forgetting How to Dream
Jason James & Rodney Hazard, (music video produced by Chaman Malhi)