Shriekfest 2008

Best Horror Feature Film
directed by James Eaves
Best Thriller Feature Film
Alien Raiders
directed by Ben Rock
Best Short Film
directed by Ryan Spindell
Best Super Short Film
Eel Girl
directed by Paul Campion
Best Horror Feature Screenplay
The Great American Nightmare
written by Tom Manning
Best Sci-Fi Feature Screenplay
written by Diana Kemp-Jones
Best Fantasy Feature Screenplay
The Hercynian Orchid
written by Melisa Ford
Best Short Screenplay
Making the List
written by Jesse Kyle Reisman
The Pretty/Scary Award
Side Effect
directed by Liz Adams
Best Acting Performance
Rhoda Jordan
in “Rule of Three”
Audience Choice Award
The Open Door
directed by Doc Duhame
Best Under 18 Film
The Perfect Victim
directed by Eric Badger
Best Under 18 Screenplay
Big Kids Play Manslaughter
written by Kelsey Bollig