Shriekfest 2005

Best Horror Feature Film
Dark Remains
directed by Brian Avenet-Bradley
Best Sci-Fi Feature Film
directed by Daniel Turner
Best Thriller Feature Film
Razor Eaters
directed by Shannon Young
Best Horror Short Film
We All Fall Down
directed by Jake Kennedy
Best Sci-Fi Short Film
Apartment 206
directed by Gregory Zymet
Best Thriller Short Film
directed by Christian Davis
Best Super Short Film
Into the Maelstrom
directed by Peter Sullivan
Best Under 18 Film
directed by Michael DeVeau
Best Director
Hurt McDermott
for Nightingale in a Music Box
Best Actor
Richard Cawthorne
in Razor Eaters
Best Actress
April Adamson
in Descent
Best Ensemble Cast
Sharkskin 6
Best Editing in a Feature Film
The Passing
Best Editing in a Short Film
The Absence of Emily
Best Cinematography
Best Makeup/Special FX
Guardian of the Realm
Best Music
Sharkskin 6
Fan Favorite
Shriekfest Special Mention Award
Olatunde Osunsanmi
First time feature director of Within
Best Feature Screenplay
The Bond of Saint Marcel
written by Jennifer Quintenz
2nd Place Feature Screenplay
written by Nathan Hill & Nick Levy
Best Short Screenplay
written by Thomas Hill