Steve Gibson

2013-06-01 12:00


Steve Gibson


2011's "The Feed"

Steve Gibson

What is your name, company name, and URL?

Steve Gibson, Fist In Post Films LLC

What is your specialty: filmmaking or screenwriting? If filmmaking, which aspects?

Though my main emphasis is on both writing and directing, I enjoy pretty much every aspect of production including lighting, editing, audio, shooting, set design, special EFX makeup, storyboarding - you name it.

What are you currently working on?

We've just gone into pre-production for the feature film The Heir Apparent, a supernatural tale lensing in early 2014. Our goal is to make this one of the most terrifying films created in the indie circuit.

Who do you consider your mentor and why?

A number of people have been a huge inspiration to me a filmmaker. When I first caught the movie bug it was mainly from the behind-the-scenes effects guys. People like Dick Smith, Rick Baker, and Jack Pierce. That eventually evolved into the Spielbergs and Burtons of today. If I had to pick just one person it would probably be Roger Corman. I love how he made so many films and did them his own way.

Why do you think the horror/sci-fi genres have such a large following?

People go in droves to genre films for the same reasons they stand in line for 2 hours to ride a roller coaster. It's a rush. You know you'll be relatively safe but there's always that fear that something could go ever so slightly wrong. With rides, physically. Movies, mentally. It's the same adrenaline making your eyes go wide and your heart race. Then at the end you get to point at friends and make fun of them for getting so freaked out.

What do you love most about this business?

Absolutely everything. The creative process of production gets me up in the morning. I also love that horror fans are just a bunch of kids at heart. We'll always have that childhood fascination with the creepy house at the end of the street.

What do you dislike most about this business?

Paperwork and fundraising. Oh, and pretentious people that think they're all that. Nothing pisses me off more than an independent filmmaker that won't give their peers the time of day. We need to always help and encourage each other. Leave the throat cutting for people that can afford to have the carpets replaced.

What career accomplishment are you most proud of?

When we made our first feature (The Feed) back in 2010, I had no idea how it would be received or where it might wind up. We had a great festival run in 2011 that brought in quite a few national awards including some Best Features, awards for direction, an Audience Choice, one for original music, and some others. I'm most proud that we were one of the very first paranormal-investigation-gone-wrong films to be created. Now you can't swing a dead cat without hitting three titles that have done the same thing. So even though we're now lumped in with a dozen films that all seem the the same, I'm most proud that we had an idea that was unproven at the time and we made a very successful film for the cost of a crappy car.

Any advice you'd like to give to newbies?

Write what you love, not what seems to be the flavor of the week. That, and know that there are really shitty people that will do anything they can to knock you down so they can appear a little taller. Even if you pour your heart into a creative work and make something that is lauded by the majority, there will always be some mean-spirited d-bags out there who live to drive down your IMDB rating. Nobody is exempt.

Anything else you'd like to say?

Just THANK YOU, Denise! It really means a lot that you take such an interest in genre filmmakers. It was a true highlight of our fest run to have The Feed screened at Shriekfest. We cannot wait to submit The Heir Apparent for consideration next year!