Denise and the Shriekfest team put on an incredible festival! It’s no wonder Shriefkest is now entering its twentieth year. The Shriekfest team goes the extra mile to support and promote indie films. We recommend this festival to all genre filmmakers!
Smith Brothers Film Company
The first time I attended in Shriekfest, as screenplay finalist, I was immediately struck by the welcoming atmosphere of this festival. Fest Director Denise Gossett goes above and beyond to create an incredibly friendly and supportive atmosphere, (including following up throughout the year with tips and opportunities). That in turn makes Shriekfest one of the great networking festivals – I have met a number of filmmakers there that I’ve ended up working with, including the cinematographer for my last film and a potential director for an upcoming project; and more, a number of the contacts I’ve made there have become simply my friends. As a filmmaker, Shriekfest’s standing as one of the premiere genre festivals in the country generates industry buzz for my work; as a fan, it’s also quite simply a helluva a lot of fun!
Cary Brown
Denise, I wanted to express to you how thankful I am for what you have created. Your festival is by far the most supportive group of artists i’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. I have made so many friends and colleagues from Shriekfest, and now we are reaching out to one another for support, feedback and to collaborate. You have given so much to this craft and you have brought together so many artists in the spirit in making great films. I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate you and everything that you do. There are some projects that would have never happened without you. You’ve made a huge impact in my career and I really can’t say it enough, thanks!
As a decade old fan I live for Halloween and Shriekfest. I love Horror movies and love independent films. Denise Loves Independent Film Makers and has created an incredible showcase for them at an awesome venue on the Raleigh Studio Lot in the Haunted Chaplin Theatre. You see premieres of incredible horror and sci-fi films, get to attend Q&A’s with the film makers on some films, meet the filmmakers and actors, and hang out with other crazy horror and sci-fi aficionados. I go into withdrawal after Halloween is over but there will always be next year. 2014 was an incredible Shriekfest Vintage. Thanks you Denise and Staff!!!!!!
Lance Schmidt
Crazy Horror Fan
Shriekfest is calling for entries! I’m so excited for everyone submitting – and ultimately for all who get the privilage of screening at the festival! We were so honoured to screen our feature last year in competition – and coming from Australia -we had no idea what to expect! WE WERE BLOWN AWAY by the audience ( the most SUPPORTIVE AND FUN audience we screened in front of overseas!) – the screening facilities (the projection was brilliant) – and the ever lovely Denise Gossett – simply wonderful!!! I encourage you if you have a film, song or script to submit – and if you don’t – just attend – it’s what horror sci fi festivals should all be like!
Tanzeal Rahim
“Without the enormous boost of having been in Shriekfest and having Denise Gossett behind my work, I might never have made the connections I have. I’ve spoken with people from After Dark Films all the way to the producers of “Halloween” and beyond. Denise and her festival have opened more doors for me with one contest than several year’s worth of queries!”
Jason S. Marsiglia
Shriekfest is the opposite of those wanna-be [festivals]. You’ve been courteous and kept me informed every step of the way. Thank you, and I will certainly be entering again next year because of your professionalism and thoughtfulness. I wish I could attend Shriekfest and meet some of the wonderful people I have had the good fortune of becoming acquainted with this year. Perhaps Lady Fortune will smile on me in 2012 :).
Mike McLarty
Denise Gossett, founder and director of Shriekfest Film Festival is a truly incredible and powerful woman in the world of horror. She has passed me on to many horror film critics, all who gave me great reviews and helped to advance my career. She has also passed me on to several film distributors, all of whom wanted me but none that I would have gotten on my own. If you are a force in horror, have talent, passion and drive and want to leave your mark on this great industry then I suggest you try and align yourself with this great woman and festival.
Devon Mikolas
Writer and director of, “Salvation By Blood” and founder of Lost Key Films
I’ve been in a LOT of contests, some I’ve made a dent, some I haven’t. Shriekfest is the ONLY contest that has not only kept me in the loop during its entire run, but after the fact, you’ve been SUPER-supportive and very encouraging. The constant updates, the almost immediate responses to questions and concerns? I don’t know another contest that goes to those lengths for its contestants both during the competition and post-competition, and often, for people who might not even have placed. It’s the best and most friendly competition I’ve been involved in, and you can print that. I made a friend in you, and the experience and knowledge I’ve pulled from it have been priceless. Just keep doing what you’re doing, Denise
Jason Marsiglia
Hi Denise… We have recently acquired distributor Osiris Entertainment for worldwide distribution of our creature feature “MONSTERS IN THE WOODS”. I want to thank you for your continued support of all horror filmmakers with your festival, and with information that you pass along! Kindest regards
Al Gomez
Executive Producer, Monsters In The Woods
I received an e-mail from Denise Gossett back in June about a DVD distribution offer from Chemical Burn, and after submitting my movie “Cold Creepy Feeling” they agreed to a DVD deal under the World Wide Multi Media name. I’ve got a November release and so far they have been easy to work with and things have been moving right along. Here’s the DVD menu I’ll be able to tell you more in about 6 months.
Keith Kurlander
“The fallout from our screening at Shriekfest and the subsequent Best Horror Feature award has in large part been the reason the film made it to the desks of the decision makers at distribution companies. Shriekfest has a solid reputation that travels and we are proud to be among the films lucky enough to be selected.”
James Eaves
Shriekfest AND Denise Gossett have been the best thing for me in entering the film world of horror and if it wasn’t for both of them, I wouldn’t be where I am now in my career. I entered my first written feature film as an actor turned filmmaker into Shriekfest 2008 and got the best feedback from any of the festivals I sent to. I attended the festival after-party and met some of the coolest people I’ve met in my life that were nothing but supportive towards me, even as a newcomer. Since then, Denise has been sending me updates and connections non-stop asking nothing in return. In fact, one of the connections she sent me bought a horror film I sent him. This is my first film in distribution as a producer and it would not have been possible without the help of Shriekfest!
Shriekfest is a goldmine of opportunity and connections powered by one of the most respectful artists I’ve met in my life, Denise Gossett! I’m saying this because it deserves to be said and there should be more organizations like this that actually care. Thanks so much for everything!
Kyle Rea
I consider Shriekfest to be the most important festival win I ever had. It was the first, the most surprising, and the one that began my career. I was taken MUCH more seriously as a writer after that win.
Joe Randazzo
Dear Denise, It was great pleasure to screen my film “Welcome Home” in Shriekfest 2007. It was such a treat to meet a massive crowd of people that are excited about the art of edgy filmmaking. The festival was like a great horror film: exciting, full with bigger-then-life characters, many surprises and twists… a roll-coaster ride that you wish will never end! thank you so much for the wonderful festival. -Best wishes
Lior Chefetz
“Shriekfest Film festival is THE premiere Los Angeles independent horror festival. I actively encourage everyone I run into to submit and attend.”
Dana R. Davidson
Staff Writer for www.fatally-yours.com
“The hottest guys attend Shriekfest; I always meet someone new and exciting, and the movies are such a great place to get cozy in the dark”. Does that help at all? no?
Heidi Martinuzzi
Most Wonderful, largest, landmark festival in the city of Los Angeles!
Rudy Scalese
Development Executive at Nala Films
“Shriekfest is one of the few festivals where the organizers really work hard to help make the films successful. My movie “Dark House” received a theatrical release, and a big video push, directly because of being in the festival and the awesome support of Denise and Todd. Shriekfest is the greatest!”
Darin Scott
Writer/Director “Dark House”
Hi denise, it’s Gregg Holtgrewe, writer/director on Dawning. I just wanted to drop a note to tell you how much it has helped our film that we were in Shriekfest this last year. Things have been moving along nicely and being a part of your festival was a great experience. Thanks for all you do and keep up the great work.
Denise and Shriekfest: You have a phenomenal festival with unrelenting support for your filmmakers. Thank you for your friendship. We love being a part of the Shriekfest family.
Amanda Gusack
Denise and her team do everything they can to make the Shriekfest experience great for the filmmaker. The festival is there for the film not the other way around. After getting SHELLTER into Shriekfest, twenty-five distributors and sales agents wanted screeners.â~@~]
Dan Donley
Shriekfest 2009 was amazing. It was such an honor to be part of it. As a playwright, heretofore involved in live theater, this was my first film festival. I was so impressed by the high quality and creativity of the films I saw…as good as, or better than, many big studio films I’ve seen. The sound, photographic beauty, special effects, original music, and acting were highly professional and far beyond my expectations for “independent” films. Despite often being about death, there was so much life in them. I wish everyone I know, and don’t know, can have the Shriekfest experience.
Frances Spencer
Finalist, Feature length Screenplay THE ANT COLONY
What an amazing experience I had this year at Shriekfest. The mood was electric as regular folks and the hardcore horror crowd blended together to share their love of Horror and Sci-fi at the famous Raleigh Studios in Hollywood. I had a short film that screened to a full house in two separate theaters along with some of the best short films Iâ~@~Yve seen in quite a while. The feature films rocked and the parties were awesome. Denise and Todd were excellent hosts. No matter where you looked, there they were filled with excitement and smiles. As a filmmaker I was made to feel like one of the family and as the winning screenwriter for 2009, well, Shriekfest kicked ass!
Benjamin Pollack
Dead After Tomorrow, Best Horror Feature Screenplay
Thank you so much for everything! I had a blast at the festival. It was an outstanding experience, especially as a student finishing up my last year of film school. I do appreciate you guys accepting Empty Halls to be a part of your festival and I do hope to hear of great things from all the feature and short directors.
Michael Vara
Denise and Todd, I just wanted to write a quick thank you for putting on such an incredible film festival. I hope you’re getting some well-deserved rest and time with the new baby! The festival was so much fun to attend and I met so many amazing people while I was there. Who knew a horror festival could be so inviting and welcoming? Thank you for the fantastic experience! I can’t wait to see you all again next year!
Melisa Ford
Hey Denise: I just wanted to let you know what a great experience it was to have “Alien Raiders” play your festival. The projection was amazing, and the film has never sounded better, and the audience really responded positively. It was the perfect way to experience the movie, and I’m a little sad that it won’t be screened by EVERYONE in the same manner. Viva Shriekfest!
Ben Rock
Hi Denise, Thanks so much for everything! We had a GREAT time at Shriekfest. You guys do such an amazing job putting this together! And it meant so much to me, receiving that award. 🙂
Rhoda Jordan
Thanks Denise, we had a really great time at Shriekfest. It was a fantastic audience, and a rewarding experience with all the positive feedback we received, and great people we met.
Richard Gale
I have been telling everyone I know here in the Atlanta Film Community what a positive experience it was and how great the Festival is in seriously every possible aspect. I made so many contacts, had such a great time, and left feeling a giant step further along in my career goals and my dream aspiration- selling that first script! And I totally know you will keep us posted on referrals, because even the first time when I couldn’t make it out, you were just incredible about that too!
Lucy Cruell

Denise, the taste of your selection committee is suberb, no lie. Not a dud in the bunch last night, and some of the most creative uses of imagery and storytelling I have ever seen.
C P Murray
I am always looking for new contacts and outlets for my work and thus far your festival has been nothing short of fantastic. In the future, I look forward to submitting more of my writing for your consideration. Thank you again for all of your feedback, it greatly helped me in the process of finding my voice as a writer.
Adam Mock
Denise, No other festival I’ve entered has even bothered to give me comments, much less referrals. To me, this really sets your festival above the rest.
Doug Roos
I had nothing but pleasant experiences with the Shriekfest staff and contest. I think it’s a great forum for artists to showcase their work, to be recognized by their peers and to gain invaluable industry access. Shriekfest is one of the most gratifying contest experiences I’ve ever had.
Keith Burrell
Hi Denise, Thanks very, very much for your referral and for keeping “Dark Blessings” in mind! I will follow through. :)Thanks for all you do, have done, and will do in the name of fostering new artists and works in the genre you adore. You are an inspiration. Peace from the Northeast.
Denise, thank you so much for a fabulous excuse to come to L.A. I had a blast at the festival, met some great people and saw some awesome films. I’ve been to so many festivals over the past few years and yours definitely ranks among the top. It was so nice to see my own film projected in a nice venue and looking and sounding as it should and among so many other entertaining films. A filmmaker just can’t ask for more than that. I am writing an article and launching a website about indie filmmakers’ experiences with festivals and I thought I should mention that one of the filmmakers I interviewed who has submitted to Shriekfest but not yet had a film accepted, listed yours as one of the few he would continue to submit to because of your support and professionalism. He had less nice things to say about festivals that did screen his films. I thought that was telling. What can I say? I looove Shriekfest-great films, great venue, great parties and one of the most filmmaker-friendly fests I’ve been to!
Devi Snively
Dear Denise,It’s been over a year since my film Kyoto Nocturnes, Part I: Elegant Slaughter appeared at Shriekfest, but I’ve been pleased several times to hear from you about review possibilities, possible distribution deals, and even a birthday note! Thank you very, very much for keeping in touch! You are one in a million!
John Foster
Shriekfest is a film festival that truly honors up and coming screenwriters and filmmakers. Their staff was always extremely helpful and respectful. They kept me in the loop every step of the competition, from the day they received my submission to the last day of the festival. Even though my script only made it to the semi-finals this year, I still won ten copies of my script and a pass to all of the events and films at the festival. I will definitely be back next year. Call me crazy but I’m dying to get my name on a Shriekfest tombstone!
Ryan Gilmore
2006 Screenplay Competition Semi-Finalist for “Haunted”
Denise & Todd, thanks so much for everything. Both of you go above and beyond to make screenwriters feel at home. We really appreciate it. You guys genuinely care and it definitely shows in the high quality of your festival. We’ve been to many other festivals and this one is hands down the best. Thanks again for the memorable experience.
Alan R. Baxter & Daniel Potts
Denise and Todd,I just wanted to say a huge thank you for the screening yesterday. It could not have been better: perfect projection and sound, a full audience of indie horror fans, and just an overall great time. I really appreciate you guys finding a place for us in your festival and can honestly say I can’t think of any better venue for our LA premiere than Shriekfest. Please pass along my thanks to all your volunteers–they’re doing a great job and my cast and crew and I are really grateful.
Jimmy Hemphill
Shriekfest is the most wonderful festival out there. I have been in a number of festivals and applied to even more and there isn’t a single festival out there that has done more to try and help me professionally or had a better group of people involved. Denise Gossett is AMAZING! My screenplay was a finalist 3 years ago, and I STILL get emails from Denise letting me know about producers and production companies who might be interested in my script. Two of the producers she has introduced me to have become close personal friends. Shriekfest might be one of the newer festivals, but it gives the most personal attention and is truly vested in the filmmakers and screenwriters who apply. The films that screen are so much fun, the people are amazing, and no other festival out there works so hard to promote your career. I can’t recommend another festival more than Shriekfest!!! It is the BEST ONE OUT THERE!
Rachel Goldberg
I wanted to thank you again for accepting my film and allowing me to be a part of the 7th Annual Shriekfest Film Festival! It was a great experience and really amazing to finally show my 4 years of hard work to an actual audience. I met some really great people over the last 3 days that I hope to keep in touch with (you guys included) and, I have to admit, I was completely surprised last night when I received the award for Best Special Effects! Very cool! Being a part of your film festival was a tremendous experience and never once did I feel like I got lost amongst the other filmmakers. You both put together a truly amazing event and for that you should be very proud! It was an honor to have the world premiere of Atom Nine Adventures at Shriekfest ’07 and, again, I thank you for everything. You guys rock!
Chris Farley
“Shriekfest is not only the best genre film festival out there, it’s one of the best film festivals — period!! Even before our film FINAL RUN was chosen as a 2007 finalist, organizers Denise and Todd were the most friendly and supportive festival people we’d encountered. Their monthly gatherings were priceless for the encouragement, inspiration, and friendships we made. The great thing about Shriekfest is that it’s run by people who love movies. No pretentiousness or Hollywood posing, just people who love genre films celebrating their mutual interests. The festival was a great experience too. Even though we didn’t win any awards, we received multiple inquiry’s regarding FINAL RUN from other festivals (as far away as Brazil), simply by being listed as a Shriekfest finalist! And that was before we even had a website up! You can’t buy that kind of advertising. And Denise still continues to introduce us to great people. Like the Mafia, once you join the Shriekfest family, you’re in for life! It was a pleasure for us to premiere FINAL RUN at Shriekfest. THANKS SHRIEKFEST!!!!”
Ken Foley and Darin Kuhlmann
Makers of FINAL RUN
I had a really good time at the festival and I wanted to say thank you to you and Todd for including me and my scripts. I know the festival must be a ton of work and I’m really glad you put in all the effort that you do. Not only was it great to have a venue for so many talented people to show their work, but you also created a really warm and friendly atmosphere for everyone involved. I hope you keep the festival going for many years!
Cory Marciel
Denise and Shriekfest are the best and I can tell you from experience that no other screenwriting competition comes close to how awesome and supportive you are!
You really take an interest in the careers of the screenwriters. You recommended my script EL CHUPACABRA to a production company and got it read when EL CHUPACABRA didn’t even place in your contest. That is more than admirable.
Michael Hebler
I can’t thank you enough for keeping Pat and I in the loop on producers and companies looking for horror projects. As a result of you giving us the lead for Energy Entertainment, I got reunited with Jake Wagner – a fellow UMich-er, he in turn read the script and loved it and Jake said he’d hold on to it and pass it along to any producers he knows who are looking for low-budget horror scripts. As a result of Jake’s thumbs up on it, Ross Media Corp. is now looking at the script.
Charlie Jett
It was a delight to be included in the Shriekfest screenplay competition– and an even bigger delight to place in the top dozen. Denise has forwarded a half-dozen interested contacts asking for the script. Carry on the good work!”
Ted Newsom
Shriekfest helped most for us in the advertising of our script, putting it out there. Our ink tip page made constant mention of being part of your festival and I know it made our (now) manager take this script that came across his desk a little more seriously. It showed it had been somewhere and people were fans. And overall the Shriekfest experience was a very positive one to say the least. Everyone at the fest was very supportive and it gave us one of our first real opportunities to network with other filmmakers in LA within this genre.
Will Link
You have no idea how much I appreciate you keeping me up-dated with news. To have that coming from the absolute best Horror Festival in the world really means a lot. Please keep it coming.
Jose Rosete
Shriekfest has been helpful in getting us read by different production companies, and in making some good contacts. We’ve placed in other competitions, but none of them got us as many reads as Shriekfest. Shriekfest was also the best run competition we’ve ever entered (i.e. deadlines were met, e-mail’s answered, friendly, our names were spelt correctly on the certificate). Yep. Definitely our favorite competition that we’ve entered.
Larissa, Lisa, and Alex Olick
I have found Shriefest to be a wonderful festival with which to be involved. Besides the exposure it brought to my work, Shriekfest provided two professional connections to me for further exhibition. Shriekfest is run in a positive and personal manner. It is an artist friendly organization.
Terrence Russ
As for how Shriekfest has helped me, well, you gave me one of my two Best Picture awards (the first of the two, in fact, you trendsetters). I believe that Best Picture award you graciously awarded me was instrumental in me getting a good distribution deal for THE WIND. Besides that, you’ve given me your constant friendship and support, which I value greatly.
Michael Mongillo
Winning Best Short Script helped give me the confidence to move forward with the production of my first feature. And, I’d like to add,it’s more than a little ironic that a festival called Shriekfest is run by such nice people.
Thomas Hill
Shriekfest helped me realize how valuable and loved horror films are amongst fans and industry professionals. It was fantastic to sit in amongst serious lovers of the genre, and I had a great time. While waiting for a screening, I struck up a conversation with a team of producers. One nicety led to another, and now we’re in discussions to hopefully realize my screenplay on film! Thanks, Denise and the Shriekfest crew! I had a blast and you ran a most enjoyable, well-organized, and friendly festival. I’ll always remember it and hope to return soon.
Joel Schwartzberg
Shriekfest surprised us. I didn’t have huge expectations, but you really pulled in a great crowd, there was a wonderful vibe–I met some very nice people–and our screening was technically (sound and picture) the best I ever saw it! Just getting an award from Shriekfest was a huge honor. Specifically, getting an award from a horror festival gives me great credentials and looks good to investors as I try to get money for my next film.
Gregory Zymet
Winning Shriekfest opened more doors than I had anticipated. My script has been requested by a lot of production companies and I’ve gotten to go to a few meetings about it. I’m also talking with several managers, and I hope to get representation soon.
Jennifer Quintenz
Winning the short horror category definitely has helped my career – it impressed my agent before we signed, and has been something I refer to with pride in meetings.
Michael Strode
Dear Denise, Though my screenplay “Daddy” wasn’t accepted into your festival, I just wanted to thank you for one of the most amiable rejections I’ve ever received. Your response shows a level of professionalism and respect for the writing/filmmaking process that rises above most other contests/festivals I’ve dealt with. You folks are top notch-keep up the great work!
Don Philbricht
Denise, I just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with Shriekfest. Of all the film festivals we’ve participated in, Shriekfest has provided the greatest value as far as exposure to the media and distributors before, during, and after the actual festival. You guys do more than just screen the films, you really help out the filmmakers. I can’t tell you how many of my producer friends have asked me “how did you get this article or that radio interview?” and it’s because of some contact initiated by Shriekfest. Thanks again.
Nicole Jones
Film: “P.O Box”