Ezra Buzzington

Tagged “The Dennis Hopper of Underground Cinema”, Ezra Buzzington has worked with many of Hollywood’s most gifted directors: David Fincher twice (Zodiac/Fight Club), Alexandre Aja twice(The Hills Have Eyes/Mirrors), Terry Zwigoff twice (Ghost World/Art School Confidential), Rob Zombie in both Halloweens, Christopher Nolan (The Prestige), Paul Thomas Anderson (Magnolia) and many others. On television he’s created recurring roles for Doom Patrol, Justified, Crossbones with John Malkovitch and dozens of Guest appearances on both network and cable TV. He is the Founder of the first Fringe Theatre Festival in the U.S (Seattle), Co-Founder of the largest Fringe Theatre Festival in the U.S (NYC) and served as advisor for the Hollywood Fringe Festival for the first 6 years. He’s thrilled to be working the the Shriekfest team and can’t wait to see what they end up with. (Photo Credit: ezrabuzzington.com)