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A Message from the Festival Founder
Denise Gossett

Back in early 2001 I starred in the horror film "Chain Of Souls" and was searching for ways to get the word out when I discovered there really weren't any film festivals focusing on horror. I came up with the idea to start a horror film festival and I told my sister-in-law Kimberlee my "silly" idea. She loved it! And even though we had no idea what we were doing, we immediately got to work ...I always say naivete will take you far and we are proof. We thought doing this festival would be fun and perhaps we'd be able to make some money to put towards making our own films. Little did we know how popular this "little" festival would become! After a few years Kimberlee ended up moving back to her home town in Michigan to raise her son. Her brother, my husband, Todd Beeson stepped in and 3 years ago I finally "let" him retire. :)

We are currently in our 15th year, it's amazing to look back on the early years and see how far we've come. Submissions have gone through the roof and entries now come from every country! It blows our minds that this "silly" little idea that I had 14 years ago has become the festival with such a loyal following! We've learned a lot through the years and have met such amazing people. I just want to say how truly grateful I am for all of the supportive filmmakers, screenwriters, and fans. Thank you for keeping us around.

- Denise Gossett

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