U.S. Butcher

U.S. Butcher

Shriekfest Premiere | Runtime: 4 minutes


Aleksey Smirnov


Aleksey Smirnov


Aleksey Smirnov, Andrey Lazoryak, Mikhail Conflictov


Mikhail, Vladimir, Stas, Nikita, Sergey, Pavel


Action takes place in the North of the USA, nearby small town called Evilville. People sometimes disappear in this area, but these crimes are not investigated. The reason for this is the Sheriff and his maniac family. All the family members act in a crime deal and trap their victims and get victims down. The most dirty job is done by subnormal son of Sheriff, who lives in the basement of family house. So he is our Butcher. Passing victims through his huge slaughter, Butcher gets the mince and Little Jimbo (older Sheriff’s son) makes hamburgers from this mince. Then Jimbo sells these hamburgers in the Evilville. Besides we get acquainted with Sheriff’s wife, daughter and uncle. By the fatal combination of circumstances at this time maniac Sheriff’s family got music group “Smothered Bowels”, and through their history we will tell this adult fairy tale.

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