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Still Here
TITLE: Still Here
SYNOPSIS: Still Here takes place four years after an unexplained event causes all life on Earth to instantly freeze in time. Anything with a heartbeat is instantly shutdown the moment the stillness hit, except for one. Unaffected by the catastrophic event that turned his family and friends into statues, Cody is left to navigate the crowded yet desolate world the stillness has left behind. After years of searching for survivors, Cody retreats to a cabin in the woods as a way to remove himself from the world left behind. At first, life in the woods is promising but, with little to distract him, Cody?? sense of hopelessness begins to creep back in as he struggles to live in such an empty world. Still Here follows that struggle as Cody tries to adapt and survive in a world void of love, companionship, and life.
WRITER(S): Ryan Kreston
DIRECTOR(S): Ryan Kreston
PRODUCER(S): Ryan Kreston, Elisha Jachetti
CAST: Skyler Gallun
RUNTIME: 17 mins

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