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Touch of Love
TITLE: Touch of Love
PREMIERE: West Coast Premiere

Honey is a Companion robot, human-like in appearance and biology, assigned to a domestic abuser as therapy. After a recent session, with a blend of injuries both human and machine, Honey is brought in for repairs. In the quiet moments with her builder, Honey learns to express her own feelings about love.

It's not complicated to conceive of robots that people love. What will truly teach us about human nature is when we build a robot that can love us back. But human nature is a strange and fickle thing, and we might discover that we teach things we never intended.

How does a robot express love? The answer is all too human.

WRITER(S): Day Al-Mohamed
DIRECTOR(S): Julia Marie Myers
PRODUCER(S): Day Al-Mohamed, Julia Marie Myers
CAST: Sophia Reaves, Andrew Mason, Jay Chandlier

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