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The Amazing Mr. Moji
TITLE: The Amazing Mr. Moji
PREMIERE: World Premiere
SYNOPSIS: When deadbeat boyfriend Spencer is mistakenly delivered the wrong phone from the 4 Winds Repair Company, he discovers it has the ability to control people with emojis. Now the mysterious Mr. Moji, along with his spitfire assistant Beatrice, has come to reclaim what is rightfully his before Spencer can do more harm than good... by any means necessary.
WRITER(S): Story by Lucas James Culshaw and Crystal Kimberlee, Script by Lucas James Culshaw
DIRECTOR(S): Lucas James Culshaw
PRODUCER(S): Lucas James Culshaw and Yousef Abu-Taleb
CAST: Yousef Abu-Taleb, Carly Jones, Joy Reggulano, Michale G. Nathan, and Jeff Minnerly

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