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I Had A Bloody Good Time at House Harker
TITLE: I Had A Bloody Good Time at House Harker
PREMIERE: North American Premiere
SYNOPSIS: In order to save a home that has been in their family for generations, the descendants of Dracula’s slayer hire a vampire-actor to scare the town; things get out of hand when the “vampire” turns out to be the real thing.
WRITER(S): Screenplay by: Jacob Givens
Story by: Noel Carroll, Clayton Cogswell, Jacob Givens and Derek Haugen
DIRECTOR(S): Clayton Cogswell
PRODUCER(S): Noel Carroll
CAST: Derek Haugen, Jacob Givens, Noel Carroll, Whitney Moore, Arlan Godthaab, Nathan Lorch
RUNTIME: 1h 20m

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