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Gehenna Where Death Lives
TITLE: Gehenna Where Death Lives
PREMIERE: L.A. Premiere
SYNOPSIS: Five people travel to the remote, pristine Pacific island of Saipan to scout locations for their company's new luxury resort. They find curious natives, strange dolls, and learn of historic curses, but they finally find an ideal spot. On this spot is a cave - and when they enter, what appears to be a Japanese WWII bunker turns out to be much more, and they learn that curiosity can kill, that everyone has private secrets and inner demons, and that there are some places on Earth where death itself can live.
WRITER(S): Bradley A. Palmer, Nathan Long, Hiroshi Katagiri
DIRECTOR(S): Hiroshi Katagiri
PRODUCER(S): Koodae Kim
CAST: Doug Jones, Eva Swan, Justin Gordon, Simon Phillips, Sean Sprawling, Matthew Edward Hegstrom, Lance Henriksen

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