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Here are just a few of our success stories ...

It's in the Blood

has just been acquired by Koan Inc. for worldwide all media distribution (except VOD) and by Gravitas who will distribute the film on all VOD platforms. To watch the full length film, rent it on iTunes or YouTube.

Matt Chassin

Hey Denise! - Empire Films' Virus X (an Offical Shriekdest selection in 2010) Premires on Fearnet tv tonight . You can catch it all week long! A big THANK YOU to you and the entire Shriekfest staff for your help and support of our success! Not sure if we would be here without you.

H. Craig Bass with Year of the Phoenix Studios and Motion Source optioned L.C. Cruell's short script, "Seekers" after finding it on InkTip. UBK Studios will be producing the film. Brian Ernst, with UBK Studios, will be directing, and Craig will be the director of photography. "Seekers," a vampire, psychological thriller, is a Shriekfest winner.

Phase 4 Films picked up The Open Door. Congrats to Clint Carmichael and Doc Duhame!

David Gaz

Shriekfest rocks! It's the only festival that I know of that passes on distribution contacts to ALL of the entrants. Thanks to Denise, I got distribution for my documentary "I Sold My Soul To Satan". Chemical Burn, the distributor that Denise passed on to me (and everyone) via her newsletter, not only offered to distribute my film, but has asked me to produce films for them as well. Thanks Denise and keep on doing what you do!

congrats Devi!

Trippin' by Devi Snively has been picked up by Camp Motion Pictures with a sweet deal including VOD and a compilation dvd deal including all of her films!

congrats Tammi!

Sycamore Entertainment Group Takes U.S. Rights to Tammi Sutton's 'Isle of Dogs', winner of best thriller feature film at Shriekfest 2011!!

Grimm Night, 2011 screenplay finalist, written by Brandon Bestenheider & Allen Bey was just purchased by Universal Pictures! Congrats Brandon and Allen!

Michael Bayouth - Director

CineRep has been great representing "Take 22". They are professional, experienced sales reps who care about us and put the filmmaker first. I am so pleased to have them on our team! We are currently fielding exciting offers for distribution! Thanks to ShriekFest and Denise Gossett for putting us together and helping make this happen!

SafeCracker Pictures unleash James Eaves' low budget torture-porn/science fiction blender Bane onto UK DVD shelves this July 28th! Says James, "The fallout from our screening at Shriekfest and the subsequent Best Horror Feature award has in large part been the reason the film made it to the desks of the decision makers at distribution companies. Shriekfest has a solid reputation that travels and we are proud to be among the films lucky enough to be selected.

Geno McGahee, Writer/Director of FAMILY SECRET

"I am a huge fan of Shriekfest and what they stand for. In the film business a lot of people say that they are there to help the indie filmmaker, but as I have found out, talk is cheap. Denise Gossett goes above and beyond to help whenever she can and has been immensely helpful for me. She and Shriekfest represent what's right with filmmaking. I cannot thank or recommend them enough."


I wanted to let you know that 'Sentenced,' which was a finalist in 2010, has been optioned by Incognito Pictures. They just finished a film called, "Guns, Girls and Gambling" with Gary Oldman and Christian Slater and a horror film called "The Sacred" with Jeff Fahey and Sid Haig. The producer Steve Stone also produced, "Kickin It Old School." And they have a deal with the Weinsteins.


Remember my script, 'The Burnout?' It's been optioned by Arnold Liebovit ('The Time Machine'). Just thought you might be interested in knowing.

Don Mangan

Hi Denise, this is Don Mangan, author of the screenplay 'ATOMIC ADAM'. I for one just wanted to thank you for the referrals you send along. It is very consederate of you do so and very helpful and I know it is appreciated- it is sure appreciated by ME.

Congrats Kenny!

Kenny Yakkel's screenplay "Glutton" is getting made and David Arquette has signed on to star in it!

Gregg Holtgrewe

Hi Denise, it's Gregg Holtgrewe, writer/director of Dawning...just wanted to let you know we signed a distro deal with Breaking Glass Pictures

Greg Derochie

I'm pleased to announce that SOLITARY has been picked up for North American distribution by Osiris Entertainment. The DVD will likely be on sale (and for rent/download) early in 2011. With this deal in place, we're now working on foreign distribution options and will keep you posted as always.

Peter Podgursky

I thought I'd drop you a line to tell you that my short Cheerbleeders that played at your festival is being distributed on itunes by Shorts International. Thanks!

Drew Hall

Hey Denise - I just wanted to share with you a great success we had by entering Shriekfest. Making shorts is, as many of us know, not necessarily the most lucrative of options in filmmaking. It's tricky to find funding for a feature, much less a short....but for us that ended up not being the case. We had run the typical routes of indiegogo and begging friend and family...luckily the latter worked, but only got us part of the way there. Then Shriekfest happened. Via our nomination we were able to secure FULL funding to see the short completed. We work with an awesome company who believed in our talents as commercial artists, but had yet to fully take the plunge into developing concepts for the big/small/micro screen. The validation that Shriekfest offered helped sway their opinion and allowed us full funding. But wait there's addition to the value they now see in development we have since created a spin off called pure cinematica. Our mission is to help artists and craftsmen/women see their visions realized - no matter the length. In the end a good story is just that a good story. Everybody wins. I cannot thank you enough for the hospitality whilst attending the festival, but I owe you an even bigger thanks for the level of passion and commitment you have brought to the world. It is truly a shining example of whats RIGHT with hollywood. We hope to see you next year with the completed short. Godspeed and Goodluck

Congrats Amanda Gusack!

"IN MEMORIUM" will have a streaming US release this fall!


Hey Denise, I've seen and talked with Schroeder [owner of Cult Movies Magazine and TV] over the last few years at the festival. This year we really got to talking and damn I think we're going to be working on a short film together. He's into a lot more than just Cultmoviesmagazine and we really hit it off. Without you and all you do for everyone, this opportunity never would have happened. You are one of the most generous and giving people in Hollywood. We've both said to each other that we're glad we're friends, now it's time for me to say thank you for being my friend. Be good, be cool, be Denise!

Terrence Kelsey

Shriekfest is an awesome festival that truly cares, supports and extends opportunities to new talent in the world of horror. Just recently my & my writing partner's screenplay entry has garnered the interest of an agent, whom is highly enthused about our script. I can't thank Denise & Shriekfest enough for helping to open doors to us contestants.

Congrats Michael Emanuel!

Maneater" can be seen on Showtime.

Congrats Gregg Holtgrewe!

Dawning" was picked up by CR as our producer's rep...Breaking Glass released it in June, 2011 on's now streaming on Netflix and we're hoping to get it into Germany soon.

Congrats Rhoda Jordan!

Resurrection County" has distribution through Vision Media! Congrats Matt Zettell!

"Rule of 3" is heading to dvd! Big Screen Entertainment is releasing it!

Congrats Tammi Sutton and Jacqueline A. Kelly!

Sutures" can be found at Blockbuster, Netflix, and RedBox!

Congrats Linda, L.C, and Diana!

Linda S. Scott, L. C. Cruell, and Diana Kemp have just inked a major deal with a feature film/multi-media production company to produce the first all female-written horror anthology Franchise, "The Mistresses of Horror." The Franchise will be based upon the original award-winning feature script, "Mistresses of Horror," a Shriekfest finalist, written by Ms. Cruell, Kemp, and Scott. The Mistresses of Horror Franchise plans to produce everything from graphic novels to a series of feature films.

Congrats Benjamin Pollack!

Dark Room Theater" has been picked up on iTunes!

Congrats Tom Coleman!

Dark House" won the Fangoria Frightfest and is now at Blockbuster! Congrats Darin Scott!

"Nightmares in Red, White, and Blue" will have a theatrical release in the U.S and Canada through Lorber Films!

Congrats Robert Beaucage!

Spike" has been picked up for U.S distribution by Maverick Entertainment!

Congrats Steven Lee

House of Fears" has been picked up by Vivendi Entertainment and will be released November 24th. This is from a direct referral of Shriekfest!

Congrats Michael.

Maneater" directed by Michael Emanuel is being released by Lionsgate in January!

Congrats Will!

The short script Danny's Dinner Party written by William Mullins is being produced by Triad Talent and will feature Alexander Isaiah Thomas (Cabin Fever II) and Alexa Yeames. The producers also expect to develop the script into a SAG feature at a later date."

Evilution" directed by Chris Conlee has been picked up by Brink DVD and will be released November 17th.

iMurders" is being released by Anchor Bay Oct 13th! Congrats Robbie.

Congrats Anthony!

Anthony Falcon's film "99 PIECES" will be out on DVD December 23rd through Vanguard Cinemas.

Congrats Ryan and Jack

The winner of the Shriekfest 2008 Best Short Film award went to "KIRKSDALE"directed by Ryan Spindell. Due to a connection from Shriekfest, "Kirksdale" is getting a national theatre release! It will be opening for another Shriekfest 2008 film "MIDNIGHT MOVIE"directed by Jack Messitt! Also, Midnight Movie hits DVD January 6th from Peace Arch Entertainment.

Congrats Steven A. Lee!

The film "HOUSE OF FEARS" has distribution through World Film Magic Distribution.

Congrats Josh Eisenstadt!

My film "DARK REEL" has worldwide distribution through Spotlight Pictures and North American through NAMP which is the new company started by Barnholtz Entertainment.

Congrats Clinton!

My film "CONJURER" played at your fest in 2008 and the DVD has been released by Monarch Home Video and is available in Hollywood Video, on Netflix and Blockbuster Online.


Had to share! A guy, Kevin Treacy, I met at Shriekfest a few years ago recently got back in touch with me because he saw some of my work online. He'd since moved back to Ireland and spent the last 3 years DPing on a little show called Game of Thrones, and now that he has the funds wants to direct one of my short scripts, "In Nomine" in Ireland over the next month! Things like this are why Shriekfest will always be my favorite genre festival! Best always, Lucy

Grimm Night, 2011 screenplay finalist, written by Brandon Bestenheider & Allen Bey was just purchased by Universal Pictures! Congrats Brandon and Allen! Who knows you might see it soon on Direct TV on any of the paid channels like HBO or Showtime! never know!

Congrats Danny!

My film "GHOST MONTH" played at your fest in 2007. I just wanted to let you know the film will be released finally on June 9, 2009, everywhere on DVD and BLU-RAY via North American Motion Pictures.

Congrats Dean and Brian!

The Ronalds' Brothers film "Netherbeast Inc" will be out on DVD in Dec through WellGo.

Congrats Tracy!

The film "Devil Girl" will be out on DVD in May/June through Elite Entertainment/Empire Entertainment. So we will have it for sale on our website and it will also be available at most retail outlets. They have our U.S. and Canadian DVD rights. We kept our Web,VOD,foriegn rights,Pay T.V., ancillary, merchandising and licensing rights. We will also have some midnight screenings in April at Laemmle Sunset 5 in Hollywood.

Congrats Richard!

Richard Gale's award-winning horror short film "CRITICIZED"is getting major worldwide distribution from Vivendi Universal, as a Bonus Feature on the DVD for the horror film SEED.It's rare for a short film to receive this level of distribution from a major studio! The DVD hits stores and rental outlets everywhere Sept. 9th.

Congrats L.C, Diana, and Attila!

2007 Screenplay Finalists L. C. Cruell ("Switch") and Diana Kemp-Jones ("Road Kill" and "Black Widow") have combined with another award-winning writer Linda S. Scott to create the recently completed, all-female-written horror anthology, "Mistresses of Horror" combining six chilling tales of flesh, fear, death, and desire (two from each writer) under the eaves of a mysterious brothel in New Orleans. 2007 Screenplay Finalist L. C. Cruell ("Switch") has also just finished working with 2007 Short Film Finalist Attila Sz?sz ("Now You See Me, Now You Don't") and production company Extreme Film on a paid script polish assignment for the Hungarian director's upcoming first feature film "Zoe."

"Director's Cut" is being sold internationally by York Entertainment. They've retitled it "Metalface". Shriekfest enthusiasm certainly helped the film find distribution. Congrats Eric Stacey!

Congrats Pennie!

Pennie Orcutt just notified us that "Death By Engagement" will be airing on Showtime in November!

Congrats Steve Cuden!

"Lucky" is distributed domestically under the Redrum Entertainment label, which is a division of MTI Home Video. Interested commercial retailers may contact Jay Grossman at The movie is available to the general public for rental and/or sale at Blockbuster, Hollywood Video, Netflix,, Barnes and, and on dozens of other websites and brick and mortar outlets. Those interested can check out our website, too movie is distrubuted internationally by Maxim Media International. Interested international buyers should contact Darrin Ramage at [email protected]

Congrats Jeff!

Jeff Beres optioned his screenplay "Till it Thunders" twice with a contact from Shriekfest!

Congrats Alexandre!

Legaci has optioned Alexandre Coscas' screenplay "Scapegoat".

Congrats Chris!

Christopher Alan Broadstone and his films have had a ton of press lately: The Cover of Release Print, Interviews in The Hacker's Source, "Scream for Me", "Human No More", and "My Skin" are all airing on Bite TV, and Joe Horror has reviewed his films as well!

Congrats Ted!

"Guardian of the Realm" was bought by Think Films!

Congrats Larry!

Larry Whatcott is proud to announce that he has signed an option agreement with CRC Entertainment for his screenplay "Killing Time"

Congrats Arthur!

Arthur Vincie is proud to announce that his screenplay "The Investigator" has been optioned by the production company 21st Century Foy Productions!

Congrats Jeff!

Jeff Carroll is proud to announce the release of his Award-Winning Film "Gold Digger Killer" which is distributed by Polychrome Pictures and Warner Home Video this summer.

Lucy L. C. Cruell

Hi Denise, Just had to let you know about another great thing that came from this year's Shriekfest! Besides all the friends and contacts I made, I met the guy there reviewing the festival from We talked, he liked my background, said they needed someone to review festivals in Atlanta, asked if I was interested, and of course I was. Fast forward a few months and I get a call, a press packet, and there I am reviewing my first film festival. They liked the review so much they are putting it up in three parts. I just always like to share the good things that come from all the hard work you do to make Shriekfest such a great event. Best, Lucy L. C. Cruell

Congrats Matt!

Matt Zetell's "The Cellar Door" just got domestic distribution with Monterey Media and will have a release date in March! "The Cellar Door" can also be seen on select screens: January 23rd- Houston- Alamo Drafthouse, February 8th- San Antonio- Alamo Drafthouse, February 22nd- Madison- Pointe Theatre, February 28th- Fort Lauderdale- Cinema Paradiso

Congrats J.D!

J.D Barfield's "Space Disgrace" was offered a licensing agreement with Crypt Club Productions via a referral from Shriekfest.

Congrats Bryan!

Bryan Norton's "Penny Dreadful" is out on DVD! It will be available to order very soon at the Cinema Image site as well as at, retail price is just $9.99.

Congrats Jimmy!

Jimmy Hemphill's "Bad Reputation" has distribution from Maverick Entertainment. It should be coming out on DVD sometime this late summer/early fall.

Congrats Richard & Anita!

Richard Brandes' film "Penny Dreadful", will be released by Lions Gate on DVD Tuesday, March 27!

Congrats Miguel!

Miguel Gallego's "The Crypt Club" got picked up by Aaaaahs-films!

Congrats Philip Landa!

I'm happy to report that I optioned "Killer's Apprentice."

Congrats Evil Ted!

Guardian of the Realm" can be seen on Showtime at these times: FEB 3 (11:30 pm) FEB 9 (1:10 am) FEB 14 (4:00 am) FEB 22 (3:30 am) & FEB 27 (10:00 pm)

Congrats Buddy Dolan

Point of Contact" will be available December 19th on Netflix!

Congrats Marc!

Marc de Launay's film "Contorted Hazel" is up for a UK BAFTA award!

Congrats Nate!

Nate Barlow's film "Tales From Beyond" is now available on dvd and is being distributed by Anthem Pictures.

Many Shriekfest films made it into the "Visions of Horror" dvd produced by CRC Entertainment! The films include Vincent Grashaw's "Callous Sentiment", Christopher Alan Broadstone's "My Skin!" and "Scream For Me", and Shannon Larks' "Whatever Happened to the Zombie Killers".

Congrats Randy!

Mexican Werewolf in Texas" was aquired by Spotlight Pictures!

Congrats Brian & Laurence!

Monarch Home Video will release "Dark Remains" for North American distribution on December 19th.

Congrats Tunde!

Writer/Director Olatunde Osunsanmi's atmospheric horror thriller, The Cavern (formerly titled WIthIN), will be released by Sony Pictures Home Entertainment on July 18th 2006.

Congrats Justin!

Katiebird *Certifiable Crazy Person" was released on February 28th! Domestic: Heretic Films, Foreign: Shoreline Entertainment!

Congrats Alex!

Happy to report that CAMP DAZE has been picked up by Universal and will get a wide North American release on April 11. Expect to find it in Blockbusters, Best Buys, Hollywood Videos etc. Its already up for pre sale on The film has been retitled as "Camp Slaughter".

Congrats to Brian Avenet-Bradley and his film "Dark Remains". They have a Foreign agreement with Atlas International.

Congrats Stephanie!

Stephanie Wood is in production on her screenplay "My Boyfriend's Back", which won best screenplay in the under 18 category!

Congrats Brad!

Brad Palmer and his film "Saw Bones" is on the Fangoria Blooddrive II DVD.

Congrats Greg Arce!

Phil Gorn of WonderPhil Productions has taken on my film "Den". He will take it to Cannes next week. Hopefully he can make some sales.

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