This Year's Trendiest Ideas for Halloween

It seems that Halloween was only yesterday, but already people are looking for cool halloween costumes for 2012. There is not just one costume that people will be wearing this year. There are several different types of costumes for children and adults that will likely be seen on the streets of towns all across the country. Here are some ideas that will help you keep up with the trends this October.

For Men
Women love superheroes, so why not dress up as one? It may seem a little childish, but some of the more popular costumes for 2012 among men may be the older comic book superheroes. The Green Hornet (think retro suit, trench coat, fedora and mask) and He-Man (a loin cloth, blonde wig and plastic sword and shield are all you really need: the only hard part are the abs) are two more obscure ones that could be popular. The Green Hornet was just remade last year and He-Man has experienced a resurgence of ironic popularity. Jack Sparrow is another great idea for men who like to get out for the holiday, though he may be more complicated to dress up as.

For Women
There are some years when it seems that the only costumes women wear are the ones that reveal more than they should. This year may be slightly different in the costume department for women. There could be a lot of storybook characters this year with the release of the (two!) new snow White movies and the 2010 release of Alice in Wonderland. Most costume shops will provide ready made versions of any fairytale characters in a bag (all you need are the shoes). Vampiresses are among the top pick of costumes thanks to Twilight and True Blood. You'll probably see ladies dressed as all manner of bloodsucker, from classic Drac imitators to modern sparkly ones. Women who must wear that sexy costume for Halloween might want to lean towards Wonder Woman or Marilyn Monroe (after My Week With Marilyn's success last November).

The fun of Halloween is seeing the costumes that children wear. Transformers and Harry Potter are sure to be big this year because of the recent movies that both characters have been in. The new Monster High dolls can be seen on store shelves and walking in towns this year for Halloween. The colorful, dead dolls can come to life through costumes. More costume ideas can be found online or at your local retail store.